text project list
description architectural and urban research
category research
location Athens, Greece
design team

Demetra Katsota, Anna Karagianni

client Hellenic Parliament
design year 2008

The aim of the research was the architectural investigation through the recording, codification, comparison and assessment of all the transformations that constituted the history of the Hellenic Parliament building during the last hundred years. Transformations that were either caused as a result of historic events -the 1909 fire-, a political change -the establishment of presidential democracy-, a military event with enormous social impacts -the Asia Minor disaster-, a governmental decision -the conversion of the Old Palace into a Parliament and Senate Building-, obligatory impositions -the German occupation and dictatorial regimes-, a development strategy -re-housing departments in new buildings, technological modernization -introduction of digital technology and upgrading the electromechanical network- and finally, changes and improvements as the result of wear and tear associated with use and time.

On the basis of digital drawings of the current condition, with reference to the only complete scientific research on the building’s history by Aikaterini Demenegi - Viriraki, a set of architectural drawings of various historic stages of the building -plans, sections and elevations- were composed. The changes discerned from the comparison of the drawings were codified and in turn assessed through diagrammes providing a new, comprehensive and architectural dimension to the historical research. From the quantification of the plan’s organization during each era, the mosaic of programmatic transformations emerged. Displacements, additions, or eliminations of elements in the sections demonstrate that within a ‘fixed’ three storey envelope and volume, the densification of spaces both horizontally and vertically, appropriated and exhausted the limits of flexibility, composing today a twelve storey building, two and a half times larger in surface than its original form. Furthermore, the way the interventions in the buildings’ surrounds continuously subvert and redefine the relation of the building to the ground and the city and respectively modify its public character, were investigated through further diagrammes. This process of densification recorded in the collected data proves clearly that the accumulation and the continuous development of functions demanded their dissemination into new buildings scattered in the city, eventually rendering the Hellenic Parliament the nucleus of a network of buildings for the practice of the legislative power.

Title Year Type Locaction Country
PENINSULA 2020 residential, hospitality Paros Greece
VILLAS A 2019 residential, hospitality Costa Navarino ,  Messinia Greece
RESTAURANT THALERSEE 2020 public, hospitality Graz Austria
VILLAS B 2019 residential, hospitality Costa Navarino ,  Messinia Greece
OKZT HUB 2018 offices Klagenfurt Austria
MAYRHOFEN STATION 2018 public Mayrhofen Austria
HOUSES A·2 2014 residential, hospitality Paros Greece
FERANT GARDEN APARTMENT 2017 residential Ljubljana Slovenia
CING LABORATORY BUILDING 2018 public Nicosia Cyprus
STUDENT STUDIOS PATRAS 2007 residential Patras Greece
PX SIX THRESHOLDS 2012 public Athens Greece
HOUSE E 2016 residential Artemida Greece
HOUSE L 2016 residential, research Antiparos Greece
LANDHOTEL SILVESTAR 2016 commercial, residential, hospitality Motovun Croatia
AS IF 2014 residential, research Mykonos Greece
HOUSE B 2014 residential Crete Greece
UNIVERSITY LIBRARY GRAZ 2015 public Graz Austria
HOUSE T 2016 residential Antiparos Greece
HOUSE H 2012 residential Corfu Greece
KURA CULTURAL CENTRE 2013 public Mingachevir Azerbaijan
THREE SPACES 2013 exhibition Athens Greece
KUBAN RIVERSIDE HOTEL 2013 commercial, hospitality Krasnodar Russia
STUDENT STUDIOS THESSALONIKI 2017 residential Thessaloniki Greece
HOUSE A+B 2008 residential Paros Greece
COOP BANK HEADQUARTERS 2012 commercial Nicosia Cyprus
PX THREE CORNERS 2012 public Athens Greece
AUSTRIAN AMBASSADOR RESIDENCE 2013 residential Athens Greece
COASTAL DOMAINS 2017 exhibition Athens Greece
ANNENHEIM CUBES 2012 residential, hospitality Treffen Austria
FERLACH TECHNICAL SCHOOL 2016 public Ferlach Austria
CASPIAN SEA RESORT 2012 public, residential, masterplan, hospitality Baku Azerbaijan
6 VOIDS: PXATHENS 2012 exhibition Venice Italy
BELGIAN EMBASSY 2009 public Athens Greece
CAUCASUS CONFERENCE CENTRE 2012 public Qabala Azerbaijan
GERMAN SCHOOL ATHENS 2017 public Athens Greece
LAKE APARTMENTS 2012 residential Bodensdorf Austria
PX ATHENS 2012 public, masterplan Athens Greece
LARNACA AGORA 2011 public Larnaca Cyprus
NOVARA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 2018 public Vienna Austria
OFFICE A 2010 commercial Athens Greece
HBWBC SCHOOL 2010 public Vienna Austria
DASOUPOLI HIGH SCHOOL 2010 public Nicosia Cyprus
RATHAUSPARK 2009 public Vienna Austria
TOWNHOUSE K 2009 residential Nafplion Greece
VILLA W1 2008 residential Corfu Greece
HELLENIC PARLIAMENT 2008 research Athens Greece
KYRIAZI DEVELOPMENT 2008 commercial, residential Athens Greece
GERMAN DEVELOPMENT 2008 masterplan Sofia Bulgaria
SUPERSTORE V 2008 commercial Athens Greece
MELINA PAVILION 2007 exhibition Athens Greece
GLEISDORF DEVELOPMENT 2007 residential Gleisdorf Austria
HELEXPO PAVILION 2007 exhibition Thessaloniki Greece
VILLA S 2006 residential Vienna Austria
VERTICAL ATTICA 2006 masterplan, research Attica Greece
SCHLOSSMUSEUM 2006 public Linz Austria
EXHIBITION 102x 2006 exhibition Athens Greece
HOUSE M 2004 residential Athens Greece
SKYWALK BRIDGE 2004 public Vienna Austria
HELLENIKON PARK 2004 masterplan Athens Greece
DARNITSA DEVELOPMENT 2003 commercial Kiev Ukraine
TRANSITIONAL INTERSTICES 2003 residential Ano Liosia Greece